About Created To Sew

Welcome to Created To Sew, where passion meets craftsmanship. I'm Michelle, the creator behind the needle and the mind crafting every piece you find here.

**From Homemaker to Creator:**
Sewing has been my lifelong passion, cultivated since the age of 14. What started as a hobby at home soon evolved into a creative journey. As a mother of three boys deeply immersed in the world of hockey, I found inspiration in both my craft and their love for the game.

**Crafting the Essence of Hockey:**
At Created To Sew, I bring together my love for crafting and hockey to offer unique handmade creations and SVG files. Each piece is a blend of meticulous craftsmanship and genuine enthusiasm for the sport, making them perfect for hockey enthusiasts and families alike.

**Why The Name Created To Sew?**
What began as a humble sewing venture expanded beyond my stitching dreams. From crafting homemade items to delving into the digital realm, I now offer SVG files, empowering you to create your own handmade wonders. Created To Sew is not just a store; it's a tapestry of creativity, fueled by my journey from sewing to diverse crafting possibilities.

Thank you for joining me on this crafting odyssey!

Founder, Created To Sew